Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Green Fix for Pockmarked Landscape

Pop-up park at Five Corners a temporary item

Staff/Voice photos


City Crews were spreading top soil for a new green space at Five Corners.


t doesn't cost a bundle to throw down some dirt and grass seed and make something greener and that's what City Hall is doing at Five Corners.


Over the last few years, large chunks of Chilliwack history have been knocked out of the once-historic downtown. The Empress Hotel, the Paramount Theatre are just stories now. Next came the Irwin Building and it too has vanished and the site scraped clean.


On Tuesday, crews were busy patching the latest wound at the city centre with a green bandage by inserting a temporary pop-up niche park on the site. In fact, the park is so temporary that it won't even be named.


But, it will have artwork.

According to Councillor Chuck Stam, the cinder block wall along one side of the green space will have some lively art on it before too long.

"We're thinking of something perhaps with balconies and people on them," Stam told the Voice Tuesday after the regular afternoon council meeting.

Public artists are a brotherhood of sorts. Out of respect for fellow artists, taggers usually don't blemish another artist's murals. So, it's expected that painting a mural there will keep graffiti tagging down to a minimum.


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