Wednesday, Sept 20, 2017 



Punked Out

Designers in Vancouver get a look at subculture fashion
By Megan Clapman, VFW


Part of the fashion line-up at Vancouver Fashion Week day two.


illz Killz packed a punch to begin Tuesday’s runway shows with the androgynous collection ‘Profanity’. Think neon punk with leather, chains, and zips mixed with vibrant graffiti colours. Lillea Goian’s rebellious looks established a strong edgy vibe with patent thigh-high biker boots, heavy grungy makeup, and nose rings.

In complete contrast, a soft romantic ambience emanated through Odysay’s elegant, sheer collection. A-line gowns in pastel shades with slight metallic shimmer beautifully caught the light. Outfits featured long cuffed sleeves in the softest palest hues, with ribbon ties and layers of opaque, liquid fabrics. Whimsical femininity ruled the night with Hadasa’s silky dresses and Maris P. Clark’s ditzy florals.

Sheri’s style was serene and sophisticated with embellished halter neck gowns, wide gold waistbelts, and appliqued florals.

Dania Shinkar’s modern collection brought a youthful bounce to the evening, with a fun painterly palette and printed textiles. The relaxed, voluminous silhouettes and painted faces really eschewed the fun feeling of summer.

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