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Counting on Moose

BC Gov't Moose tracker App helps biologists

By BC Gov't Caucus

BC Government website photo.


ith hunting season underway, B.C. hunters are reminded that they can help manage moose populations by downloading and using the B.C. Moose Tracker app during their hunting trips this season.

Hunters are keen observers of wildlife and the interactive moose app allows them to record sightings of moose (i.e. the number of bulls, cows or calves, in which management unit, and the time of day they were observed) in the wild.

The data collected by hunters – in or out of cell and WiFi range – provides a valuable source of information to ministry biologists who track moose population trends in B.C. Information entered into the app outside of cell range will automatically upload once cell coverage is regained.

The B.C. Moose Tracker app is available through iTunes and allows users to upload information on the number, sex and location of moose they encounter to an online database. This data helps ministry staff monitor moose populations and may alert them to emerging issues.

The app includes a digital version of the 2016-2018 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis–an interactive summary of hunting regulations throughout the province.

Download the app:

Quick Facts:

• In British Columbia last year, 2,800 moose were observed by 650 Moose Tracker App users.

• The Province developed the B.C. Moose Tracker in consultation with the B.C. Wildlife Federation and with the financial support of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

• There are between 120,000 to 200,000 moose in British Columbia.

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