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The Missing Media

Huskers could use more coverage says Roberts
By Blake Roberts

Huskers fans at Central Community Park in 2012.


eek 7 saw two very entertaining games, and one that was “interesting” if nothing else. The 4 playoffs teams have been solidified, as the Huskers and Broncos were both officially eliminated from the play-offs, although both gave efforts (under different situations) that bode well for the remaining three games.


In Chilliwack, the Huskers were down 32-0 before paying customers were in their seats so it could be argued the Sun called off the dogs, and maybe they did to a degree as back-ups were rotated early and often for the visitors. Still, that game could have, and really should have seen the Sun put up 60 points based on the start, so full marks to the Huskers for a really solid second half, and the Sun for emptying their bench as well.

There were sadly few Husker fans in attendance to see the game, as the visiting Sun fans seemed to outnumber the home side. It’s typical at any level of paid spectator sport that a losing team loses some fans, and the Huskers have been losing and losing and losing the past three seasons on the field. Still, it’s an affordable, family entertainment that needs and deserves community support to survive. I would argue that the community of Chilliwack needs the Huskers.


As someone who watches closely the local media for each team, it’s sad to see the lack of coverage the Chilliwack media gives the Huskers and its players that are from the area or who have made the commitment to travel half way across the country.

Virtually no pre-game coverage to let the casual fan know there is an upcoming game, and yet local players suiting up for other junior or university teams are featured in the paper, but Husker players themselves are over looked. It didn’t used to be like that in Chilliwack, whether winning or losing, the football team always had strong media coverage.

Coach Reist will be working this off-season to get his returning players back, and he has proven to be good at recruiting athletes to his field, hopefully he has the same talent when it comes to getting the media there next season.

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