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A Hair's Breadth

Cultus Lake dragonboat paddle prodigies harlequins careen and crash their way to gold in Penticton

By Cultus Lake Dragonflyers


The Cultus Lake Dragonflyers gold won by a hair in Penticton Sept 9.


he Cultus Lake Dragonflyers brought home a gold medal Saturday, September 9 in Penticton for the annual races. All their hard work training 3 times a week training paid off last Saturday at the beautiful Skaha Lake in Penticton as they put in another gold finish performance.

The Chilliwack-based team out-paddled every team on their way to a Gold finish. The women's Dragon Boat team practiced 3 times a week on Cultus Lake starting April to Sept. Their Captain for the event was Anneke Van Leeuwen.


Saturday was a wee rough with rain, wind, and waves. It was also the “Smokanogan” with wildfires from the States and Peachland creating a very poor air quality.


We has a small crash into Boat 4 in the wildest race of the afternoon. However we all made up over a wonderful BBQ Saturday evening with freshly caught salmon cooked to perfection. After good night’s sleep we awoke to a beautifully clear, sunny and calm morning on Sunday and ready for the competition.



We qualified for the Gold finals in a race we knew would be nail-biter. Judy inspired us again to bring home the gold for Laura. She called a long finish and we squeaked into first place by fractions of seconds again.


We had lots of fans on the sidelines who thoroughly enjoyed the intensity of the races we were in. It was a wonderful weekend and a great way to finish the season with our second gold medal.


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