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Vets and retired cops want the annuity they paid for

By John LaBelle, Veterans Annuity Campaign, Nova Scotia


et us advise you that Military/RCMP Veterans across Canada are very disturbed with your lack of support towards our Veterans issue and your listed misleading/unfounded statements. Other Conservative MPís have made similar statements regarding Veterans CPP contributions and their benefits.


The former Hon. Peter MacKay, MP identified that it would cost $7.2 billion dollars to administer the CF Annuity plan, when the CF Annuity cost for the year ended 31 March 2008 was only $2.2 billion. MP Laurie Hawn estimated the cost at $7.4 billion dollars. Hon. Erin OíToole 2017 indicated that it would cost 7 billion dollars. Hon. Andrew Leslie, 2017 indicated that it would cost $7 billion dollars, just to name a few.

Your reference e-mail Para 2.

For your information, in 1966 with the introduction of the CPP plan our CFSA contributions were 6.5% and 1% for indexing. The CPP contributions were 1.8% of our basic rate of pay. Todayís CFSA contributions are the same 7.5% but the CPP contributions have been elevated to 4.95% of our basic rate of pay, an increase of 3.15%. These contributions continue to be listed separately on our pay guide. The Government of Canada enacted the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) in 1965 and the plan came into force on January 1, 1966. Its intention was to provide another source for an " Income Security " program to supplement the Old Age Security Pension Plan. It is ridiculous to assume that we should over contribute to two (2) plans if we only receive the equivalent of one benefit. The CFSA plan has a surplus of over 62 billion dollars and the CPP plan is forecasted to reach 15 trillion dollars by 2090.

Bridge Benefits

The phrase " Bridge Benefits " is a misrepresentation of facts ! It is not listed in the pension Act and/or the Base Financial Counsellorís Manual. ( A-Fn-109-001/ID-001) Furthermore, the manual was not made available to service personnel. The Bridge Benefits term is a myth that was never used prior to the establishment of our Annuity Campaign.


Bill C-201

The fact is that the Government of Canada has broken our enrolment contract without prior members consultation or authorization. During our enrolment procedures we were promised that we would benefit of a full pension calculated at 2% of our best 6 years for a period of 25 years of service. The Speaker of the House of Commons terminated the forward movement of Bill C-201 because Former Prime Minister Harper did not honour his 2005 election campaign promise to respect the successful vote of Parliament Bills. The Government must acknowledge the democratic successful vote of 149 yeas for Bill C-201. A royal Recommendation is not required. Bill C-201 was requested at no extra funds from the tax payers.



Military/RCMP Personnel are a different Government provider. Unlike other segment of the population they often work in deplorable conditions without over time pay. What price tag can be placed on the voluntary services we ask our Spouses to perform while we serve our Country Canada. Consider the loss of our Spouses employment income opportunities as the result of many operational moves. Many posting led to the loss of their Spousal CPP benefits. They often faced extended Family separation with elevated level of stress while maintaining a Family on their own. The unavailability to celebrate Anniversary, Birthdays, Family gathering, just to name a few....

You are well aware that Bill C-201 should have been allowed to continue its forward movement. Surplus Canadian Forces Pension Funds are considered to be a SACRED TRUST OBLIGATION to the welfare of Forces personnel and their Families during their retirement Golden Years.

The Question

As a member of Parliament are you prepared to stand up for Military/RCMP Veterans and their Families? Will you stand up for Veterans living in your ridding of Carleton, Ontario and all Veterans across Canada? Many are now in their eighties....They have fully paid for all their benefits. They seek no retro active payments. They seek no extra funds from the tax payers.

On this November 11, allow us to remember our fallen Comrades and demonstrate to our living Veterans and their Families your appreciation for their sacrifices while serving our Country Canada.

" Kindness is a language the Deaf can hear & the Blind can see ! "


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