Friday, Sept 1, 2017 


Simple Questions

An open letter to the PM

By Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Author, Chilliwack


ongtime local advocate for a cleaner and better environment, ecosystem, energy, food, transportation and questions regarding the Trans Mountain pipeline. Macdonald has directed eight questions to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal Party and is looking for answers.

Open Letter To Prime Minister 

Please reply to the following questions:

1.  What does the Ocean Protection Plan consist of?

2.  What is meant by protection of the northern coastal waters of BC?  How speedy will emergency cleanups of oil spills be??

3.  What will be done to protect coastal waters in Vancouver harbor and around Vancouver Island?  Tripling the size of the Kinder Morgan pipe line would mean tripling the number of ships from China filling Vancouver harbors.

4. What will be done to stop ships from emptying raw sewage into the ocean??

5.  Why not leave the amount of oil exported to China unchanged, and just make the pipes safer, not larger, to prevent leakage and sabotage?

6.  Did you know that China is making great strides in the production of Solar Energy?  Soon they won't need a triple amount of Alberta oil.

 7.  What are your plans to speed up production of Solar, Geothermal (heating and cooling) and other alternate energy in Canada??

 The public need to be made aware that Geothermal does not apply merely to hot springs but to the cooling and heating affect of the earth itself.

8.  Will there be grants to home owners to install Geothermal Heating??

There used to be grants paid to Saskatchewan for home owners who installed geothermal heating and cooling. Are there still?

Some government funded institutions in BC have geothermal heating and cooling.  One of them is Topaz Place mental health residence in Chilliwack. Where are there others??


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