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Like it or Not, Wifi is Everywhere

Microcells – coming soon to utility pole near you
By Janis Hoffman, Victoria/Wiki image


t the September 25-29 Union of BC Municipalities Convention in Vancouver, local governments will be voting on a resolution aimed at giving them a say in microcell placement in their communities.


Despite a substantial body of evidence showing wireless technology is harmful to humans and the environment, Innovation Canada is allowing microcells to be placed on neighbourhood lampposts and utility poles, and yes – even by our bedrooms - without our consent or often knowledge.

Aesthetics, property value, industry control-for-profit over the public right of way, cyber-security, safety, health, and well-being – there are many reasons for local governments and all of us to be concerned about microcells.


The Resolution

MOTION of Grand Forks City Council:
WHEREAS public consultation on the placement of cell towers is mandated; and

WHEREAS new technology is moving away from these large towers to microtransmitters which do not require local government or public consultation;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the AKBLG request the UBCM petition relevant provincial and federal governments to mandate consultation with the land use authorities and the public regarding microcell transmitter siting within 100 meters of residences, schools and hospitals.

What’s all the Fuss About? (And what’s a microcell?)
Microcells are small cellular transmitters that broadcast wireless radiation 24 -7. Anywhere from 3 to 10 of them are being placed on one residential street. Wireless radiation is linked to an increased risk of cancer, as well reproductive and neurological problems – like disturbed sleep. It is conservatively defined as a 2b carcinogen, which means it is in the same category as DDT.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?
Industry is coming up with some sneaky ways of designing – or is that hiding – small cell transmitters. But that doesn’t mean their effects will not be felt.

The wireless industry would like us to believe the jury's still out on whether wireless radiation has harmful health impacts. But thousands of peer-reviewed studies show evidence of harm. Over 180 scientists and physicians just sent out a plea for a halt to the rollout of 5G transmitters in Europe. To protect their health, California firefighters won an exemption from having small cells placed on their fire halls. It seems then, that the “smart” choice would be to adopt the precautionary principal for all, and not allow microcells to become permanent fixtures in our communities and our lives.

What’s the Game Plan?
The end game is no landlines and “smart” everything for all of us, and big bucks through data mining for the telecoms. Don’t be fooled into thinking these technologies are green. The “Cloud” is a huge energy guzzler, while tech production and waste is anything but eco-friendly.

There are safe ways of sharing high-speed data, like using wired fiber optic connections. New paradigms in non-harm inducing connectivity are waiting to be discovered, but industry must be urged by consumers and regulators to develop and promote them.

In the News
While concerns about the effects of wireless technologies and the need for more protective EMF exposure guidelines have made recent headlines in Brussels, Massachusetts, Paris, France , Romania and more, government and media here at home remain eerily silent on what may very well be the most pressing health issue of our time.

This summer, 300 California cities have voiced strong opposition to a California microcell placement bill, SB 649. This bill would essentially create the same situation there that we have here – telecoms being given free rein to use the public right of way for profit, disturbing the sanctity of our streets, and maybe even preventing us from getting that proverbial good night’s sleep.

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