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One Direction

The BC government needs to get into the business of building homes —and here's why
By Staff


Britco-Agassiz website photo.

omelessness is a national disgrace. In one the world's richest countries nothing is being done to help these people. Society has an obligation, a moral obligation, to provide food, medicine and housing.


Fraser Valley mayors seem discombobulated on the issue and not on the same page. The time for talk and study is over. Vancouver's mayor and council are forcing people to other districts with "demovictions" and "renovictions". They're passing the baton to each other. Nobody knows what they're doing. In the end, the baton gets thrown into Chilliwack's lap.

Chilliwack has to have a game plan and fast. Not a rinky-dink little patchwork scheme. But a no holds barred, precedent-setting effort from all three levels of government to deal with expected waves of migrants. Which is exactly what they are — migrants on an exodus from the city.

Everyday Chilliwack picks up a few more addicted residents adding to an already burgeoning population. It's not pretty when addicts detox in the streets. It looks like the third world out there.


Then one day the mayor, councillors and residents turn around to discover they've got a "city" within a city because they never did anything about it.

The BC government should be re-investing on itself and communities by building plug-in modular homes; Britco-type trailers; repurposed shipping containers, isotainers etc. They don't need the Taj Mahal or sprawling mansions. People just need a roof. Quick and easy pre-fab homes and avoiding a slum.


It's a great time to be a residential building owner with tens of thousands of people living on government disability paying off their bank mortgages putting building owners in a welfare system of their own paid for by the government via people on welfare.


Why wouldn't the government want rent money going back to the community in the form of homes and amenities instead of into private hands?

Chilliwack minds should be focused on at least 300 modular trailers to start and plumbing them in on designated industrial lowland starting next week. Then another 300. Spinoff is Britco in Agassiz gets a massive contract and the chance of adding jobs refurbishing steel containers.


Positive fallout from investing into the community housing means the local rental market bubble pops and building owners are forced to roll back rents.

There's no way around it, it's a time that the people of BC are going to have to stand up and tell government what to do that benefits communities.


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