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Murder and More Mayhem

Man shot to death on Williams Street

By Staff, Voice photos


RCMP Forensics went over the lawn with a fine tooth comb at the front of the home where the murder took place early Sunday.


arly Sunday, a single shot rang out on Williams Street but it was enough to leave one mad dead. Police have not released the man's identity as the investigation is in its early stages.


According to an unidentified neighbour in the area, the house behind the 7-11 next to a church has had a history of trouble. Parishioners were unable to access the church for Sunday morning services.


According to residents in the area, the shooting took place at 4:20 A.M.


Police Forensics members wearing surgical gloves went over the front yard with a fine-tooth comb. In late afternoon, police fanned out across the street and walked the taped-off bock from one end to the other looking for shell casings. Speculation is that it was a smaller calibre gun.


Reports are that Mounties have allegedly obtained a video, however it's not clear if that will assist them in their investigation.


9500-block of Williams Street Sunday, Sept3, 2017.


IHIT has taken conduct of the case and have has not responded to a call from The Voice.


What we know:

The Shooting took place at 4:20am exactly. It wasn't "around" then, it was then not 4:19 or 4:21 but 1-2 seconds after 4:20am.
The vehicle pulled up and one or two people went in and shot the guy.
One shot was fired.
Two-three minutes after the shooting, the car was heard screeching its tires while making a get-away. In that time it is possible the assailant(s) looked for and got the shell casing. Otherwise the police wouldn't have spent the day searching for one bullet casing.
The house was a well-known crack house. Each time the house was rented it was the same thing a drug house.
The house is owned by a south Asian. The only South Asian who owns multiple buildings most of which bug-ridden and trouble spots is Lali. It's unclear if this was a Lali-owned house.
The shooting took place in the house directly adjacent to the Central Pentecostal Church at 9543 Williams St., half a block from the 7-11.
Witnesses say the car involved was dark coloured.
The police have a CD with audio/video but it was pointed at the house and not at the street. It will be of little use to the cops except for the audio of the shot fired and of the car screeching away north on Williams.


Anyone with information regarding this investigation can call the IHIT Information Line at 1 877 551 IHIT (4448) or by email at ihitinfo@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.

Should you wish to remain anonymous, please contact Crimestoppers by phone at 1 800 222 TIPS (8477).


Watch The Voice for more information as the investigation continues unfold.



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