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The Need to Feed

Food donation call out for Vedder Elementary

By Peter Whitlock, Ryder Lake Farmers' Institute, for Melanie Reuter

ey Neighbours. I'm involved this year with the Vedder Elementary breakfast program. The school feeds about 25 kids a day give or take, with many more near the end of the month. 


The kids are primarily from impoverished homes, many with family members with mental health or substance abuse issues or both; some of the kids are just hungry, woke up late, had no food in the house that morning, or just want the adult connection in the morning.


All the food/staffing comes out school's operating budget. Save-on foods graciously donates some items every week. 

I am putting a call out for food donations for the school, which I am happy to arrange for pick-up.

If you have extra fruit (fresh, frozen, preserved), veggies and especially EGGS (which we hard boil), I can get them to the school.  Also, we are always looking for boxes of quick oats, brown sugar, and milk. If you have no bumper crops but would like to help, you can donate money and I can arrange a tax receipt.

Any "excess" food supplements the lunch program or is sent home in a hamper to the neediest families. 

Thanks in advance and I am happy to answer any questions about how Ryder Lake can support the most vulnerable population in our community.


To donate, visit the school or contact Melanie via e-mail here.


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