Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Smart Meter News

Smart Battle, Stupid War

Group initiates class action against BC Hydro

Released by Una St. Clair, Langley

f you have a smart meter and don't want it, if you have an analogue and want to keep it, if you don't want to be charged an extortion fee to keep the meter of your choice, you are eligible to participate in the Smart Meter Class Action Lawsuit.


This lawsuit filed against BC Hydro aims to protect the democratic right of each and every person to opt out of the smart meter/smart grid program without any additional fees or charges. In fact, as BC Hydro is including the cost of the smart grid program in their billings, their attempts to charge a fee for people who refuse to participate amounts to double billing, and should be rectified by the issuance of a BC Hydro rebate cheque which returns to the resident the savings realized by refusing the smart meter.

Download the Class Action form, fill it in, then send by regular mail to the address at the bottom of the form along with your donation to cover legal fees. We have already been winning opt out choices for people most notably from our legal intervention and expert testimony at the Fortis Smart Grid Hearing. Let's continue our winning streak and all join together insisting on democratic choice for each and every person, free of any charges for that right.


You can help this lawsuit be successful by sharing the news with others who might like to participate. Print out a few copies of our flyer, and hand them out in your neighbourhood, post in your car window, at the health store, at the library or the rec centre.


Watch the short trailer of the new documentary, Take Back Your Power, and consider hosting a movie night when the full length video is released in a few days.


We have had some great successes recently, most notably gaining opt out choices for everyone at the Fortis Hearing, and now BC Hydro coming in a pale second with watered down "options" which really are a thin disguise for continued rollout of the smart grid. Both Fortis and BC Hydro have to apply to the BC Utilities Commission for approval to charge fees, and CST is planning on intervening again. Also, our Human Rights Action is continuing and it is asking for free accommodation for those with medical letter confirming the presence of electrosensitivity syndrome. The HR Tribunal Hearing is set for November.

We need to stand together and make this lawsuit another success for civil, democratic and human rights in B.C. Stop the Extortion, BC Hydro! No Fee Opt Out for All is our goal. Help us get there!


For more information, visit www.citizensforsafetechnology.org




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