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Early Morning Rollover

Woman crashes car while being tailed by security guard

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Emergency crews respond to early morning crash on Third Ave near Young Rd. Below, a security guard involved in the accident gives a statement to police.


uestions have arisen about whether security guards should follow people from drinking establishments after a woman crashed shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday while allegedly being pursued by a uniformed security guard driving an unmarked car.


Instead of  just getting the plate number, backing off and letting the police handle it, the guard followed the woman all the way to her home on Third Ave where she slammed into a parked vehicle.


Fortunately, the driver managed to scramble out of the overturned vehicle with little assistance and appeared to have suffered just bumps and bruises.


According to witnesses at the scene, who were also acquaintances of the driver, she was spooked and they felt the security guard was being "overzealous" noting the driver told them she was scared from being followed.

"She's a hot chick," said one woman. "You don't know, you think it's a weirdo following you home from the bar."

"This didn't need to happen, she was just trying to get away from the guy in the car and was frightened," said another woman.

It's unclear if staking out a bar in personal or unmarked vehicles in search of drunk drivers is standard procedure for security guards on night shift.

If someone has been drinking and is being chased, the likelihood of an accident happening goes up exponentially.

Last week, the RCMP avoided a chase and preserved public safety after a carjacking. In this circumstance, it's unclear if the security guard was actually chasing her or just trying to keep up.

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Len vanNieuwenhuizen confirmed on Monday that charges are expected to be laid and that the case is still under investigation.

The security company could not be reached for comment regarding their policy on following suspect vehicles.

Watch here for updates as more information becomes available.


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