Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Evans Elementary looks for help in 2013 Aviva playground funding bid

Submitted by Tara Luknowsky, Chilliwack/Website photo


vans Elementary School is in urgent need of a new community playground that can be accessed and enjoyed by all of our children, including those with special needs.


Our vision is to create an inclusive space that will benefit both our school children and the entire Chilliwack community.


Every child has the right to play. Physical play is vital to a child's growth and development and also plays a large part in how they do academically. Your VOTE will be helping to provide a safe, fun, and challenging place for kids of all abilities to play together.

Many playgrounds in the community offer accessible playground equipment yet lack to provide an accessible ground cover. Wood chips are a commonly used ground cover in playgrounds but create a challenge for children with special needs. This universal playground will be unique as it will not only have accessible playground equipment but also an accessible ground cover for those with wheel chairs and walking aids. Our new ground cover will be a flat surface made from durable recycled rubber tiles that are slip-resistant and will give the children the stability and fall protection they need.

We Need Your Help! The effect of a playground is long standing - this playground equipment would be left as a legacy to be enjoyed by all, for generations to come. The longevity of the installed playground equipment is backed by a 100 year warranty that is unparalleled in the industry.

The students and parents of Evans have been working together to fundraise a total of $16,818 to date. They will continue with their efforts until the goal of $ 99,840 for the new community playground is met. 

Together, with your VOTE we will be providing an inclusive playground for children of all abilities in the Chilliwack community.

Voting begins Monday. To cast yours visit the Aviva website here.  


Connect on Facebook here.

Watch a video the parents have made on Youtube here.



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