Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Mobile Home Fire

Occupants escape safely after ceiling ignites

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hilliwack firefighters responding to a mobile home fire in the 46000 block of Prairie Central Rd. found that the occupants of a  had evacuated safely after something inside the structure's roof caught fire.


There is speculation that the fire which began around 6:30 p.m. Sunday may have been electrical in nature, but that has not been confirmed by the fire department at this time.


Crews pulled off some exterior panels to make sure the fire hadn't crept in any further.


This was a good example of quick thinking by residents, because they first called 9-1-1 and then left the home and the fighting of the fire to the crews who arrived on the scene within minutes.


This block has seen three fires happen over the last year.



Asst. Fire Chief Jim Macdonald from The Chilliwack Fire Dept released the following statement on Tuesday;


Kitchen Fire in Mobile Home


On September the 1st at approximately 630 pm the Chilliwack Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire located in the 46000 block of Upper Prairie Road. On arrival fire crews saw smoke from the roof of a mobile home with a lone occupant meeting them outside the home.


The fire was found in the attic space and was quickly brought under control with the majority of the damage occurring to the ceiling and roof of the building with no fire damage to the interior of the home. Firefighters responded from Halls 1 and 4.


The occupant of the home was transported to the hospital for observation of possible smoke inhalation. There were no firefighter injuries.


The cause of the fire was accidental and due to cooking. Residential kitchen fires remain to be the most common cause of fires in Chilliwack. In fact, "Prevent Kitchen Fires"—is the message of this year's Fire Prevention Week which will be held from October 6-12.  At that time we will be spreading the word that more fires start in the kitchen than in any other part of the home—and how to keep cooking fires from starting in the first place. 



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