Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Sunday Spill

Motorcyclist knocked unconscious on Ashwell

Staff/Voice photos


A motorcyclist lays unconscious as BC Ambulance paramedics, Chilliwack first responders and St John Ambulance medics work to stabilize the man before taking him to Chilliwack General on Sunday.


hortly before 10 am Sunday, when the streets around the Landing Leisure centre were dotted with Terry Fox runners and walkers, a motorcyclist on Ashwell Rd. somehow clipped a vehicle and lost control sending the rider into a grass where he lay unconscious until BC Ambulance paramedics and CFD first responders arrived. St. John Ambulance medics also happened to be nearby and were able to assist.


Fortunately, the man regained consciousness and was moving at the time he was taken to the hospital.


Please be careful on the streets.



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