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Carjack Suspect Arrested

Police avoid chase as man races through town

Staff/Voice photos


The carjacking suspect is wheeled out of the hospital after being treated for an ankle injury on Monday. Below, Mounties seal off Clare Ave.


t around 10 p.m. last Monday, a man commandeered a vehicle somewhere on Young Rd. south of the tracks.


The suspect then sped off in the white 4-door 2001 Hyundai Sonata north on Young Rd.


Public safety is paramount with the RCMP and as a result they didn't engage the suspect in a pursuit because of the erratic way he was seen driving.


"There was no chase," one officer told the Voice afterward near the scene.


A few minutes later, Mounties spotted the vehicle travelling at a very high rate of speed east on Brinx Rd., and for the next half hour the suspect raced around Fairfield Island playing cat and mouse.


At one point, Agassiz officers had to be notified because the vehicle was seen as far east as Rosedale. The RCMP's Air One helicopter was not available at the time.

Once the vehicle was back in town, a perimeter was set up at exit points along Fairfield Island.

Block-by-block the dragnet tightened on the white Sonata.

A spike belt was considered, but police weren't exactly sure where the suspect, who was seen driving without headlights, was at.

Mounties fanned out and the vehicle was spotted turning off Hope River Road onto Merrit Dr.

Cruisers boxed it in, but the suspect had already abandoned the car and cut through properties onto Clare Ave. where he allegedly smashed the window of a pickup truck in an attempt to steal it.

Police dogs were in hot pursuit and he managed to scramble onto the roof of a home in the 4600 block of Clare Ave. Just after 11 p.m. the suspect was apprehended and placed under arrest.

Thankfully, there were no injuries except to the suspect who twisted his ankle when jumping off the roof.

We can't tell you the mans's name pending charges, but we can tell you that he is 28-years-old and out of Nanaimo.

There is no word if a weapon was used or if the victim of the carjacking suffered any injuries. The RCMP have not had a chance to respond to our inquiries.

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