Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Growing Great Kids

Local organization seeks charitable status for rural outreach

Submitted by Kathy Kessler, MRS


he Meadow Rose Society is seeking the support of the community in petitioning the Canada Revenue Agency for charitable status, in order that we may expand our services to rural areas.

The Meadow Rose Society was founded on the belief that all children deserve a good start for a bright future. We assist with the daily needs of children three years of age and younger. Our mission: Growing Healthy Babies for a Healthy Future.

Dependent entirely on donations and proceeds from hot dog sales until now, the Meadow Rose Society is seeking charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency. This next stage in the Society’s evolution as a non-profit will enable it to reach out to rural areas.

Families in outlying areas may feel the pressures of raising young children in difficult times even more keenly than those living in towns. Isolation from urban centres where many necessary services are located can leave people already struggling to provide for their families in a gap that Meadow Rose can help fill.

Communities like Boston Bar, Yale, Hope and Agassiz are home to families with young children who would benefit from a mobile service, available on a rotating schedule. Being granted charitable status by the CRA will help Meadow Rose achieve this on behalf of these families.

Visiting rural communities, the Meadow Rose Society would distribute such necessary items as diapers, powders, soaps, creams, pablum, oatmeal, vitamins and fresh fruit, as well as milk for breastfeeding mothers. For those who are unable to breastfeed, we would distribute baby formula.

The Meadow Rose Society doesn’t restrict its services to office hours. With our afterhours phone line, we are available to provide emergency services 24/7.

Many families face ongoing struggles when trying to provide for young children. Prices continue to rise. There is often very little left over at the end of every month, once the rent and other bills are paid. The Meadow Rose Society is here to ensure

that children under three are not casualties of these harsh realities.

With the support of the community, Meadow Rose hopes to reach out to families in need in rural areas to expand the circle of hope and support for healthy babies and a healthy future.

For more information, visit www.meadowrosesociety.com or e-mail here.

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