Monday, September 17, 2012

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Mind Over Matter

Hear Dr Donna Paproski speak about 'Surviving Chronic Illness' Sept 25 and 'How Do I Get My Wishes Heard?' Oct 20

Submitted by Arlene Onderwater, MS Society Fraser Valley Chapter


he MS Society of Canada Fraser Valley Chapter is hosting 2 upcoming information meetings free and open to all members of the community.


Dr. Donna Paproski is very familiar with the needs and concerns of people & caregivers dealing with MS. Dr. Paproski will speak on Coping with Loss, Fatigue Management & Resiliency.


Resiliency: the ability to positively respond (or adapt) to & cope with a stressful situation.


Register early for this FREE workshop - seating is limited! Presentation includes snacks.

Where and When
Tues. Sept. 25, 2012 7-9pm at the Trinity Lutheran Church. Surviving Chronic Illness & MS 3845 Gladwin Rd.


Chilliwack Meeting


"How do I get my Wishes Heard?"
The Voluntary Legal Advocacy Program (VLAP) presents on the following topics:  What can you do legally to ensure your wishes are heard: Power of Attorney, Representation Agreements, and Wills and Self-Advocacy: how to advocate on your own (or a family member's behalf)


Where and When
10:00-12:30 How do I get my Wishes Heard? (Wills, Representation Agreements & Advocacy) Sat. Oct. 20, 2012 Chilliwack at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 8871 School St. Chilliwack.

Facilitator: Ulrike Kleemann (MS Society, BC & Yukon Division Office). Speakers TBA.

Register early for this FREE workshop - seating is limited! Presentation includes a light lunch.

To register for either event, please RSVP to Arlene Onderwater 1-877-303-7122 or in Chilliwack 604-490-0122 or via email here.

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