Wednesday, September 19, 2012


BC Politics


What A Fool Believes

Liberals re-election bid begins with launch of Dix spoof site

Released by the BC Liberal Causus


s public expectations mount on Adrian Dix to reveal his true intentions, the BC Liberals have launched to expose the verbal tricks the NDP use to appear reasonable and moderate. The website tells British Columbians in plain language what the NDP actually did after they were elected, versus what they said they would do.


"I have no problem with scrutiny of the BC Liberal government's record," said Bill Bennett, MLA and Minister. "But the NDP's record in government must also be scrutinized so that British Columbians can compare."

During the nineties the NDP imposed $2 billion in new taxes (1992 and 1994 budgets), made sweeping changes to labour laws and increased wages and pensions to the public sector, all to benefit their union friends.

The website provides factual information on the NDP's record on budgets, taxes and labour, and shows that the NDP leopard really has not changed its spots.

"Our economy is in the balance right now. We must not go backwards," said Bennett. "Frankly, what we need right now is straight talk, not deception. Dix is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of British Columbians by attempting to trick them into thinking he is something that he is not - reasonable and moderate. This is the same trick the NDP used in the nineties to get elected, and it came with disastrous results."


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