Sunday, September 16, 2012


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The Hornets play Decades Saturday at End of Summer bash

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Hornets singer belts out some good old fashioned rock and roll Saturday night at Decades end of summer bash.


t was rockabilly like silly Saturday night at Decades Coffee on Wellington Ave. Local Band, The Hornets, put on a "Fairwell to Summer Outdoor Concert" in front of a collection of laid back java lovers.


For 4 hours, The Hornets rocked people's socks off in the parking lot outside the popular coffee shop. Because the lot is brick wall on three sides, the sound carried and could be heard blocks away. Got that music set guys?


The Decades Coffee lot is only place outdoors in Chilliwack that has a naturally amplified sound with punch, far louder than even Party in the Park. If you want to be heard, go to Decades.


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