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Myrtle's recycling bucket list and some sustainability tips

Submitted by Myrtle Macdonald, Chilliwack


am 91 years old. There are several things I really want to see accomplished before I leave for heaven.

1. City-wide pick up of organic waste (food scraps, grass, leaves and weeds) in large green bins, composting it.

2. Compost supplied free in small bags to residents. Ordinary people can't carry large amounts in their cars and they don't need much.

3. Simple but clear instructions on every bin. On three bins in a row I saw:

"Alternate paper". This one is clear, maybe?

"Trash". What is it?

"Recyclables ". Oh really?

So where does broken glass go? Where do colored newspapers and glossy inserts go? Where do foam coffee cups go? Used paper plates?

4. Purchase of small pyrolysis equipment, to produce fuel oil. If set up in a container car it can be moved from one landfill to another and used in more than one community in turn. There are some now that reuse the fumes and gas during the process, thus preventing air pollution and reducing cost for electricity. I recommend Blest Company: plastic to oil This process can produce three grades of fuel oil: gasoline, kerosene and diesel. BOR-50 sounds suitable.

5. Banning the use of polystyrene for serving or selling of coffee, meat and fast foods. Polystyrene is used for insulation of houses and for packaging of electronic articles.

6. Instead of allowing huge lawns, encourage growing of herbs, legumes, perennials and ground covers. Clover fertilizes lawns better than fertilizers and requires less watering.

7. Ban or at least cut down on the use of herbicides and pesticides.



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