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Euphonious Literacy

Music trivia night a "fun"raising event Oct 13 

Released by Karin Massar, CCS


hilliwack Community Services will be holding a "Name that Tune" FUNdraising event called Melody Mayhem on Saturday, October 13 at the Landing Sports Centre to support Literacy programs.


The event runs from 6:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. and includes, pizza, silent auction, entertainment and prizes for top team.


"Elvis" Steve Elliott will be making a guest appearance! Tickets are available at CCS office, 45938 Wellington Ave or you can download the registration form from the website or here and print it out.

Family Literacy

Learning can happen anywhere, any time.

Courtesy of Chilliwack Community Services


Practicing literacy together for just 15 minutes a day has tremendous benefits for both children and parents.

Literacy is so much more than reading and writing.

Itís a part of everyday life. Reading a story, playing a game, singing a song, making a shopping list, following a recipe, and connecting with friends on the internet.

Just reading the words is not enough to understand a credit card application, medication instruction, or job application. Good reading skills allow you to think for yourself. And then make up your own mind about whatís best for you and your family.

Chilliwack Community Services believes parents are a childís first and most important teacher. The family is the strongest element in shaping lives. Itís the most powerful support network there is. Itís where the cycle of learning begins, where the attitudes of parents about learning become the educational values of their children.

Through education of more than one generation, family literacy programs build on familiesí strengths and provide the tools and support they need to become stronger and more self-sufficient.

Literacy touches every aspect of our lives - income, health and quality of life.

Family literacy programs focus on parents as the means to improve the reading and writing skills of all family members. By reading to children and engaging in fun literacy activities, parents are actively keeping their own skills sharp while at the same time strengthening the relationship with their children which, in turn, encourages lifelong learning.

Families in Motion and Central Gateway literacy programs build on each familyís strengths and connections within their culture and community. Memories of early school experiences of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and fearful can change to feelings of joy, hope and confidence.

CCS Family Literacy team includes School District #33, University of the Fraser Valley and the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre, along with generous financial support from the community.

Visit our Family Literacy Program classroom:

Literacy begins at home.

School readiness in young children is influenced by their parentsí level of education. The higher the level of the parentsí education, the more likely the child will succeed in school. (National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth; HRDC Bulletin 1997).

The National Center for Family Literacyís long term research with 2,000 families that attended family literacy programs shows that literacy intervention reduced participantsí full dependence on public assistance from 67% to 11%. (Literacy BC).

Differences in young childrenís development are largely attributable to differences in socialization, with heredity playing a small role. (Literacy Skills for the Knowledge Society, IALS 1997)

Quality of life for families, including income levels and employment status, is directly related to the literacy levels of parents. (IALS -International Adult Literacy Survey, 1995/97).

Low literacy has a negative effect on all aspects of health, including overall levels of life expectancy, accidents and diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. (Literacy BC)

Without crucial parental support, the cycle of under-education continues in families from generation to generation. With support from family literacy programs, children who might otherwise have been educationally and developmentally behind their peers entered school on par with their peers. (U.S. National Center for Family Literacy, Family Literacy and Welfare Reform).

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