Thursday, September 20, 2012


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Silverdale Screech Owl

From salmon to salmon berries, Footprint Press Issue 7

Released by Tracy Lyster, Editor FPP


e are very pleased to release our 7th issue of the Footprint Press. This issue features the great work people are doing to encourage local farming and sustainable living. The cover photo is a baby endangered Western Screech Owl, photographed right here in Silverdale.


Contents Issue 7
Daniel van der Kroon - Farmerís Markets
Phyllis Young - Salmonberry
Chrissy Courtney - Bird series collage
Gerry Pinel-Golden Ears Transitions Initiative
Val Pack-Species at Risk, Great Blue Heron
Jeremy Pitchford - Community Supported Agriculture
Elena Edwards - Grave threats to wild salmon
Mike Diener - Zero mile diet, Oyster mushrooms
Don Mair - Mishi-leaks
Tracy Lyster - Sprawl report

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we did putting it together. Hard copies can be found at Mission Library and around town. Feel free to disseminate the magazine to your contacts. Back issues can also be viewed on line at


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