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Wild Salmon Awareness

Morton to speak and films look at the effects of salmon farms on wild stock Sept 11

Submitted by Francine Douglas,


he Cultural Experience Series is hosting its first film and dialogue series and invites all to join us and be part of the unique community at the Stó:lō Resource Centre at 10-7201 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, BC at 6pm on Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

Short films and a main feature film at 7pm on the impacts of BC Coastal fish farms on wild salmon will follow after a traditional welcome and a salmon and bannock dinner, provided by donation. After the films, there will a panel discussion, and, a question and answer period.

The short films, by Twyla Roscovich, an independent documentary maker, will provide background on fish farming and it`s impact on wild salmon. The main feature for the evening is, `The Rise of the Salmon People`, a film by Jeremy Wil-liams that talks about the Get Our Migration rally that was held in Victoria, BC in May 2012 to raise public awareness about the impacts of fish farms on wild salmon and The Paddle for Wild Salmon Journey down the lower Fraser River led by Dr. Alexandra Morton in October 2012 to address the Cohen Commission.

There will be a panel discussion at 8:30pm featuring knowledgeable community experts and fisheries professionals discussing the issues surrounding fish farms after the films. The audience is welcome and encouraged to ask questions and provide input.

This is a family and community event meant to bring Stó:lō and Stó:lō neighbors together to share First Nation culture, stories, history and create understanding and community connections. The Cultural Experience Series is hosted in partnership by Stó:lō Nation, the Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre, the Shxwta:selhawtxw Longhouse Extension Program and Coqualeetza Cultural Education Centre. It has generously been sponsored by BC Hydro, Safe-way and Citizen and Immigration Canada.

Update: The project committee hosting the Film and Dialogue Sesssion "Are BC Coastal Fish Farms impacting Wild Salmon?" are excited to welcome biologist Alexandra Morton and Sheila Muxlow from the Wilderness Committee as panel members. This is a open community event. There is no admission fee. A salmon and bannock meal will be served by donation at 6pm, following by short films and then the feature film - "The Rise of the Salmon People." A panel welcoming questions and answers will follow. We are excited about the first Film and Dialogue Session within the Cultural Experience Series.

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