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Chilliwack couple tie the knot in Bosley's



Randal Cook and Violet Tipping exchange vows Wednesday at Bosley's Pet Valu store on Yale Rd in Chilliwack.







ost people have regular weddings in churches with pews lining the aisle. Randall Crook and Violet Tipping's wedding aisle was lined with dog food.

It's not everyday you get to see a wedding where there were more dogsmaids than people—almost. But when Crook and Violet tied the knot Wednesday at Bosley's Pet Valu on Yale Rd in Chilliwack, it was in the presence of about of about three dozen people and a dozen pooches, eight of them Bernese Mountain Dogs.


Their romance began amidst the soap and bubbles at the back of the store in the dog washing area.

Violet Tipping, holding a beautiful bouquet of roses, beamed in herstunning wedding dress as she walked down the aisle to a waiting Randall.


One day she was in the store washing her Bernese and Randall came in to wash his, and guess what happened? His Bernese fell in love with hers. So when the dogs were busy falling love so to were Crook and Tipping. Soon, they were all in love and Crook proposed to her amid the soap bubbles on June 10.

Ed Mundie was one of those watching the spectacle. He wouldn't miss it for the world.

"I was the one who introduced them," he said.


Crook follows his piper in to the store.


Bernese Mountain Dogs aren't regular dogs. They're almost the size of the Swiss Alps where they originated from with each weighing in at over 100lbs of hairy frolicking fun. But Wednesday, they seemed to know what was going on and sat like sentinels.


Tipping puts the ring on Crooks hand.


About three dozen people anxiously waited outside the store as a bagpipe player—in full colours, escorted Crook, also in his Scottish clan colours, around the block one final time as a single man. He came in beaming behind the piper, his dog beside him. Behind him, his best man carried a silver tray with two tiny chests on it. Inside each were beautiful rings.

Tipping was stunning in her elegant dress walking in to where a smiling Crook waited at the dog washing station in the back of the store where it all began.

They exchanged vows with Paul K from Abbotsford who was just as much comedian as he was minister. They threw rice and a bubbles popped out of a machine.

The best man followed with the two rings.


Store manager Khori Williams had never experienced anything like it in the stores.

"We were glad to have them here," he said.

Both bride and groom wore coveralls reading "We Did It At The Dog Wash"


Now, the bride and groom are off on their honeymoon in Tofino with their two anxious Bernese in tow. (see more photos below)


And so ends a fairytail wedding.


Bosley's Pet Valu
45955 Yale Rd
(604) 795-7054


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