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Family connects to the community through Sardis program



Family welcomed to Chilliwack with CCS I Care Program.







young woman, new to Chilliwack, was seeking to get connected in the new city she called home. She was raised in Ministry care. As long as she can remember she had a social worker. This prior experience led her to seek out community programs at CCS where she found out about Sardis Family Place.


Being new to Chilliwack and Sardis Family Place, she was nervous to walk through the doors and meet new people. To her relief, she was welcomed with joyful staff and a community of open arms. At the time, she had a six month old daughter. The father worked away from home so she found herself spending a lot of time as a single parent. She was exhausted from the extensive time she spent alone with her first born, and was relieved to meet a room full of staff and parents she could connect with and children her child could play with, and on top of all this, fresh coffee! Her anxiety quickly dissipated. The young woman very quickly felt connected, supported, and not alone as a parent.

"I actually had mom friends. We were going through teething, etc., you name it. It was like we were going through these things together."

The young woman ended up attending Family Place every day she could. It became her community. When her daughter turned one year of age she took her very first steps during a visit to Family Place.

"Where I was, everyone in the room celebrated. I could really feel how connected I was to this community of people in that moment."

The young mother's story continued...

"I found myself pregnant again. I had no idea about the Better Beginnings program at CCS. Better Beginnings was a sister program to Family Place so I decided to participate. My first day there I was blown away. I was given coupons for groceries and was provided with freebies. It was a relief, because at this time I felt like we were struggling. These were big gifts for me and my family.”

“We learned many valuable lessons including first aid, dental hygiene, and general safety measures. I also participated in any extra courses that were offered such as Circle of Security, Anxious Children, and Better Parenting provided by CCS' Families First program and Child Care Resource and Referral. Everything offered was free and was so beneficial to the growth of me and my children.”

“Better Beginnings extends six months post pregnancy. I think this is really important because after the baby is born, life gets so hard and crazy.”

“On top of this, tack on other life crises. Without this program, I don't know if I would have done any better, but I know I would have done worse. I was so grateful to know I was not the only one going through something crazy.”

“To this day, I still have some really good friends I met through Family Place. A lot of us are doing preschool together and facilitate rotating car trips. I feel, for my children, we have a community, and it all started right here.”

“I open up the CCS All About Us brochure and I see how much more you have to offer. It is beautiful. I am currently a child and youth care worker. I provide family support and crisis management.”

“This all fits right into my heart and I am so grateful to be here. Thank you!"

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