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New online dating website hooks up marijuana smokers








ike a lot of people, Glenn Wells, CEO & Founder of Mission, BC based CannaMatch.ca, a friendship and dating website aiming to connect lovers of the cannabis plant of all kinds to each other, is looking forward to October 17th.  


With the proverbial clock on Parliament Hill about to count down to a permanent 4:20,  Canada is taking the historic step of federal legalization in just a week. The seismic change is expected to impact all aspects of Canadian society - from workplace law to driving regulations.  

But there’s something else that has had a huge impact on the personal life of cannabis users for years that has rarely been effectively addressed.  And that’s the effect of cannabis on the love lives of people across North America.

Wells points out the the recent studies that suggest that couples who smoke together are less likely to be involved in domestic violence and abuse.  He points to the considerable number of companies bringing cannabis based lubes to the market (and the users who swear by them!)  He smiles when  pointing out that  a lot of couples find relaxing with a joint together an integral part of romance.  And he's talking about stigma in the dating world.  Pointing to his own lived experience, something he found was familiar to others in CannaMatch’s extensive marketing research : Cannabis users, Wells says, can’t honestly use most dating sites. 

“They all ask you if you do drugs.  People who smoke joints and abhor hard drugs report that if they reply “Yes” to this question, very few people ever see or respond to their profile.  If they reply “No” - because most people don’t consider occasional use of recreational cannabis or regular use of medical cannabis to be “doing drugs” with all the negative implications that come with that terminology, they run the risk of “hooking up” with someone without any understanding of the culture of cannabis users. 

Wells reports he often hears from broken hearted people who met significant others on dating sites and were later devastated when their use of cannabis became a dealbreaker, because of the misunderstandings and stigmas that still exist.

With legalization, the growing acceptance of recreational cannabis as an alternative to alcohol and education and research pointing to medical cannabis as a solution to the opioid crisis, as an aid in the fight against alzheimes, epilepsy, and even cancer, Wells says he hopes to see the stigma around use of the cannabis plant - whether medical or recreational -  disappear. 

“We’d like to likeminded people to join us our community at CannaMatch.  Meet, Toke, Date - There’s no reason to hide your cannabis use - or for singles to use sites that shame them… There IS an alternative!”   

Wells says the site serves cannabis users - but also provides an essential service to the growing (no pun intended) number of  people working in the emerging cannabis industry.   Thousands of Canadians working in retail stores, grow rooms, production facilities, and in a myriad of industry roles can sign up to find someone who understand their daily “grind.” ! 

When asked how he thinks Oct 17 will affect CannaMatch, which was founded in 2016 and quickly grew to a couple of thousand members, Wells says “I think it’s going to be massive. We truly believe we have the potential to become one of the biggest dating sites in Canada.  We’re going to see a lot of Canadians who have previously been silent about their cannabis use come out of the closet - or the grow room!”



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