Tuesday, Oct.11, 2016 



Do You Smoke?

Vaping could be a useful quitting tool

Emma Mills, exclusive to The Voice/Website photo


ver the last few years vaping has received a lot of unfair criticism and a bad reputation among non-smokers.


Itís been called a gateway drug to full smoking, its vastly reduced risks have been brought into question, and it is most definitely not seen as a smoking cessation aid.


The truth, however, could not be further from this.


Studies are showing, that whether combined with counseling and therapy or not, e-cigarettes can help smokers quit the habit while reducing the risk of inhaling toxic substances almost to zero. This is achievable because vaping gives you, the smoker, the ability to moderate the amount of nicotine inhaled with each puff.


As a former smoker myself, I have put together a guide on how to quit smoking using vaping devices. This gives some sound advice on the devices, how to use them best, and how to slowly reduce nicotine intake over time. This is a slow process and it does not work for everyone, but with strong willpower, and determination, it is possible to do it.



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