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Stolen, Dumped and Burned

Thousands of vehicles are snatched each year across BC

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Chilliwack firefighters deal with a vehicle fire in an alley off of Menzies St. last Wednesday.

hat was once a nice little SUV, in a few minutes became nothing more than a blackened, burned-out shell by the time firefighters were on-scene.


Apparently, the vehicle was stolen and parked in the alleyway before being set alight.


Every once in awhile, Chilliwack RCMP and Fire Dept. are called out on one of these crimes. Usually, they're dumped at night and then destroyed on the dyke off Gill or Ballam Rd., or off of Chilliwack Mountain.


But, to burn one in a neighbourhood in broad daylight is a rare and brazen act of ignorance and stupidity that endangers locals with what could be an exploding gas tank, toxic smoke etc.


Chilliwack RCMP would not comment. There were no reports of injuries.


According to ICBC, there was an average 8,300 vehicles a year stolen throughout BC from 2009-13.


To learn about ways to keep your vehicle out of nefarious hands, visit ICBC's website here. Be sure to watch the 5 minute Bait Car clip featuring crooks on camera realizing they've just stolen a vehicle being monitored by police.

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