Thursday, Oct.27, 2016 

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Paradise Now!

Lake to get refitted with some goodies

Troy Davis, CLPB/Voice file


Cultus Polar Bear Swim 2012/Voice photo


oday, Cultus Lake Park Board announced a few truckloads  of great new items to be be installed around the Main Beach area.


Main Beach and the surrounding area will be under construction for the next while.


"Public Works will be busy building the accessible pathway, lighting, and shower areas over the next while. We are currently installing the underground wiring for new street lights," says Troy Davis, Manager of Community Services.


This must be the 'in-between' time the best to build and dig is after the crowds have gone and before the ground freezes.


"After that work is completed we will begin on installing the infrastructure for the two shower areas. We also hope to begin on building the path after that, but may be delayed by stringing Christmas lights for a short while," he added.

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