Monday, Oct.24, 2016 


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Company gains permits to build vertical farm in Abbotsford

Vertical Designs/Web photos, systems not exactly as shown



ertical Designs Ltd is very pleased to announce that we have just received our permits to build out what will be one  of the most technically advanced facilities producing strawberries in North America.


Vertical Designs has also approved the purchase of Pomphrey Industries Corporations' 25 kW dual axis solar tracker, the largest movable solar power system in the world, to offset strawberry photoperiod energy consumption.



In addition, they will be installing an 11 parameter weather station and remote monitoring package to confirm location specific energy requirements for Vertical Designs' 11,320 sqft. Commercial scale facility.


The facility will consist of a minimum of 24 towers purchased from Affinor Growers for roughly $800,000 that will transfer into significant revenue and profits for the project and further royalties' revenue to Affinor Growers under the current licence agreement.


Vertical Designs would like to publicly thank the City of Abbotsford for the wonderful assistance by city staff and look forward to working with you to turn Abbotsford into the strawberry hub of Canada.




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