Sunday, Oct.16, 2016 


On the Road

Training Wheels

New van for handicapped to learn to drive with

Staff/Lindsey Olslen, ICBC


Charlene Froom tries out the van while Lisa Kristalovich, occupational therapist, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure look on.


ast week, ICBC and GF Strong unveiled a new van that will give handicapped a hand up to get behind the wheel and gain some extra freedom.


The specially modified, wheelchair accessible training vehicle is already in use and provides increased access for assessment and practice for a wider range of program participants, particularly those who are confined to wheelchairs or have conditions such as spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis.

GF Strong helps British Columbians learn how to drive again and it's one of the few places where these skills can be acquired, noted Barbara Grantham, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation's president and CEO. "This community gift helps drivers return to navigating their life beyond the program. For this, we thank ICBC for its generosity."

The driver rehabilitation program provides assessment, clinic and on-road rehabilitation, and low and high-tech vehicle modification recommendations to drivers who may have physical, cognitive or visual disabilities.

"Thank you to ICBC for investing in this valuable driving rehabilitation program, which is helping people every day to regain strength, hope, and independence," said Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. "The team at GF Strong is doing a phenomenal job at helping to re-train clients to drive, and this investment will go a long way towards expanding this valuable program which helps people to get behind the wheel again with safe and smart driving skills and confidence."



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