Sunday, Oct.16, 2016 


Federal Politics

And the Survey Says...

Poll shows majority prefer referendum on MP election

Sarah Honey, Communications Assistant to MP Mark Strahl


n September, Mark Strahl, MP for Chilliwack-Hope, mailed a community newsletter to every home in the riding, requesting their feedback on electoral reform, regarding a proposal by the Liberal government to change how Canadians vote.

In the newsletter, the survey question was posed, "Before changing how we elect our MPs, should the government hold a referendum to get the approval of Canadians?"  

Nearly 1500 voters responded to the survey and the consensus was clear . The results were a staggering 89% in favour of a referendum on electoral reform. Those who oppose a referendum are 8.8%, while 2.1% are undecided.

“Residents of Chilliwack-Hope believe that Canadians should choose how their representatives are elected,” stated Strahl. “If the rules of democracy are going to change, voters – not politicians – should have the final say.”

For further details, please see Mark’s official submission to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform.


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