Saturday, Oct.29, 2016 



Stuck on You

Do new Farmoji phone app stickers stereotype famers?



esterday, Apple released an app sticker for their phones. It's downloadable here at their iTunes and built-in to their new phones.


They're calling them Farmoji stickers. Those little add-on icons people can insert to their texts.


These stickers aren't for kids though. They're rated 12+ for having things like: Mild and mature suggestive themes with mild profanity and crude humor. There is also alcohol, tobacco, drug use or references thereof.


Some feel the stickers are off-base and out-of-line not just for those reasons, but because they stereotype good, hardworking farmers.


Who knew mac-wearing farmers woke up in the morning, had a good hit of meth or cocaine before setting out on the tractor. They always make sure the cooler onboard is stocked with ice and Pilsner, because a good farmer is always well-stocked with suds and moonshine. Oh, and be sure to watch out for those nasty cow pies.


They also cuss their way through the fields with a butt hanging out of their mouth. The nose-picking hillbillies' days are interspersed with a crude sense of humour and thoughts of having sex somewhere when the day is done. The list goes on. Steve Jobs could be rolling in his grave. It would be hard to see that Apple wouldn't get any pushback on these.


In light of the recent well-publicised incident of a video that shows Coquitlam officers dragging a senior down stairs.


What's next for Apple? Good cop, bad cop?



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