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A Line Above the Rest

"Colouring Outside the Lines" art show Oct 29 -Dec 3

Mary Main, Chilliwack Visual Artists Association


ocal Abstract Artist Vincent Mikuska has used hints and suggestions of landscape elements in his work to try and create an essence or experience of the landscape.


There is a willingness to create associations between different elements of a visual experience.


A world where line has poetic rhythm, colour a musical tone. Space can be hinted or defined.


"I try and find new patterns without concentrating on recreating the details of what I see," says Mikuska. "The effect is to be a cumulative effect of looking, not a single stare but what happens as you visually interact with your surroundings over a given time. Trying to get to the essence without the details."


About Vincent Mikuska

"Coloring Outside the Lines", a solo show from Vincent Mikuska, a very well-known abstract artist who lives in Chilliwack. The exhibit will be in the O'Connor Group Art Gallery at the Cultural Centre, 9201 Corbould, beginning October 29th.


 Mr. Mikuska has exhibited extensively in many parts of Canada, including several venues in Chilliwack. colouring-outside-the-lines vince-mikuska oct-29-to-dec-3-2016.htm




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