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Bikes for Tykes taking donations for christmas

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ikes for Tykes is now accepting donations. Bring in previously loved kids' bikes to Obsession: Bikes (94 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver) and they'll fix them up and give them to kids who can only dream of getting a bike for Christmas.

As per our Obsession, we think every kid should have the experience of riding a bike. To move towards this goal we have initiated a Bikes for Tykes program right here in North Vancouver. The program was started in Naples, Florida 20 years ago and has grown and expanded across North America with 2 other programs in Canada (Montreal and Calgary) in addition to ours.

Each year we partner with Family Services of the North Shore and other care agencies to help place previously loved kids bikes to under-privileged kids. We have placed over 100 bikes a year since 2005. In November we start asking for bikes to be donated and then through November and December we fix them up. We of course could not do it without the help of Family Services of the North Shore and various other benefactors.

For more in formation, visit Obsession: Bikes here.


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