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BC Medical System Crippled

Not enough Physician Assistants  says Conference Board

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e have nurses and aides and the odd doctor that read  drop by The Voice to do some catching up.


Today, the Conference Board of Canada (CBC) issued their report that looks at, and questions, the situation with then Physician's Assistants. (PAs) It seems BC is getting shortchanged with it comes to how many PAs we have working in the province.


It indicates that Canada's healthcare system would be more sustainable by using PAs.


Obviously doctors can't do it all, they're too busy jumping from patient to patient. People get an average 7 minutes a visit. PAs can help people spend more precious time with the doctor.


The CBC Report says PAs are currently practicing in Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Alberta in emergency rooms, primary care, long-term care, orthopedics etc., but not in British Columbia.


Chris Rhule, Canada's Physician Assistantsn (CPA), gives examples of other provinces and other countries utilizing PAs.


""When I talk to the leaders of other global PA Associations they're shocked when I tell them how few there are in Canada," said Rhule Thursday. "Jurisdictions like the Netherlands, the UK, and the US are utilizing PAs to a greater extent than we are."


On Nov. 27th, almost half of the CPAs in the country are gathering in Winnipeg to calling on provincial governments to expand on PAs across the country. Patients would be the winners with increased access to affordable quality care.


So, BC is getting shortchanged. Without any alternate plan it's the patients who suffer.


See the PAs website here.



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