Sunday October 23, 2011

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Heart Like A Wheel

25th Annual Fraser Valley Toy Run sees more riders than ever taking part

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These riders lined up early Sunday with toys for the Christmas Bureau.


his year Christmas came early. October 16 to be exact. That's when hundreds of motorcycles lined up across the Cottonwood mall parking lot for the 25th Annual Fraser Valley Toy Run, and just as many kids are going to get something extra this holiday season.

The bikes glinted and sparkled in the early morning sun, a carbon copy of last year's ride. Some had massive teddy bears and other children's toys lashed on. Riders schmoozed and waited for word the ride was under way.

Ron "Smokey" Moore, the lead rider, pulled up and parked his bike to signal riders to get into formation and ready for departure. The roar of the bikes reminded one of standing next to a 737 on the tarmac. It was loud.

Moore told the Voice that he thought there were more riders this year. "It's looking good," he said. "The weather is great, couldn't ask for a better day."

Rider Mike Beausoliel told the Voice later in an e-mail they had 816 bikes involved in the event.

"The Valley Toy Run is a combination of Chilliwack and Mission riders. Both groups meet at the Fraser Valley Auto Mall, then proceed to the Ag Rec Center in Abbotsford. All donations go to the Fraser Valley Christmas Bureau who in turn distribute to the communities of Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Agassi and Hope."

The Toy Run is sponsored by the Association for Injured Motorcyclists (AIM) who offer support to people who are in accidents and the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club.

This year, AIM has made 164 visits to injured riders in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, they assisted 25 rides and 6 family members.

They also offer Vocational assistance. According to their website, "A.I.M. seeks to assist victims unable to return to their former occupation. At present, this objective is achieved by referral to existing education and rehabilitation agencies and institutions. As membership and charitable donations grow, A.I.M. hopes to expand its services in this area."

AIM works to increase public awareness, have lawyers ready to help. They offer moral support and guidance as well as meetings and recreational activities. A.I.M also supplies hospital victims with reading material, TV rentals and locates specialty wheel chairs as needed.

They get their funding through membership fees, donations and fundraisers. Become a member and support a good cause.

The Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club (GVMC) is dedicated to promoting the safe and enjoyable sport of motorcycling, both on and off road. Their monthly rides are open to all riders on a dirt bike,road bike or three wheeler. They regularly take part in motorcycle shows and benefit events for local organizations.

GVMC meetings are held at 7:30pm the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the GVMC Clubhouse at #307 - 9785 192nd Street, Surrey, B.C.

AIM general meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of every month, 7:00 PM, Davidson's Pitt Stop Restaurant, 16225 Fraser Highway, Surrey, BC. For more info call 604-580-0112.

For more motorcycle information visit:  or 

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