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Watch for a new name on the ballots in the next federal election




People's Part organizers: Justin Cawker President of Langley-Aldergrove EDA, (l to r) Ben Besler Regional Organizer-Fraser Valley, Al Rawdah President of Burnaby South EDA, Kelly Watt President of Chilliwack Hope EDA.






here's a new sheriff in town but will there be enough room for the both?

Maxime Bernier, broke off from the Conservative Party and formed a new political party called the People's Party of Canada (PPC) with a plan to ram the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party ship or at least shoot their rudder off.

One of the PPC platform counter-assault items is to cut income tax from 15 per cent to 10 per cent. Those are fighting words.

According to Bernier, the PPC have over 30,000 members across Canada.

Another voter incentive is to eliminate the carbon tax. Bernier wants to scrap it saying it won't save the environment but it increases business operating costs therefore killing jobs.

Today the BC government said a federal greenhouse gas pollution pricing act is in the works that would establish minimum pollution carbon-pricing across the country but provincial government already have established a carbon-pricing system that exceeds the new federal standards and have signed-off on a first-of-its-kind agreement to establish B.C. as a world leader in delivering low-carbon goods and services to domestic and global markets.

“We know a healthier, cleaner environment and a strong economy can go hand in hand,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. “The MOU will help us focus our work on the shared objectives of reducing harmful emissions, while advancing B.C.’s economic competitiveness.”

Bernier says that having a carbon tax will hurt the economy.


"Businesses will be forced to choose between keeping employees or paying for hydro," he says in one of their campaign brochures.


Scrapping the carbon tax wil be easier too implement than removing current inter-provincial trade policies that he says costs the country as much as $130 billion a year which would make it easier for businesses to expand to other provinces and have skilled workers ie. nurse's ands dentist's credentials recognized immediately instead of having them to go through hoops and face barriers currently in place.

Tall orders and easier said than done if people remember the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) in 1995 and the Trade, Investment, and the Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) in 2006 allowing for labour mobility between provinces which both died on the table.

Ben Besler speaks with supporters at the Townhall Restaurant last Saturday.

According to analysts, the trade war between provinces is making it more difficult for Canada to function internally and compete internationally.

In an announcement today, the BC government says they're sending to 40 senior forestry representatives industry and labour research representatives to the fourth annual Sino-Canada Wood Conference Asia markets for two weeks in December.

Trade missions are a cornerstone of provincial-federal-industry market development efforts in Asia and improving government-to-government relationships and to establish provincial-federal-industry market development said the caucus release.

“B.C.’s renewable forest products are in demand, providing carbon-friendly building materials for the world,” said Susan Yurkovich, president and CEO, BC Council of Forest Industries. “As a leader in developing high-quality wood products, countries around the globe are looking to B.C. for our building materials and expertise. This trade mission to Asia provides a valuable opportunity to continue to diversify B.C.’s markets,” said


There's no word on which representatives are going on the trip but say there is more representation from the indigenous community.


The PPC party will also be tasked with eliminating fears that if they win the October 2019 elections they won't form a symbiotic relationship and amalgamate with the Conservative Party. Another hurdle the PPC party faces is the Liberal's decision to legalize marijuana which added a whole new industry creating jobs across the country. That will be fresh in voter's minds.

Locally, Ben Besler is the Regional PPC Organizer-Fraser Valley. He's no stranger to politics. He lost to John Les in the municipal elections in 2012. Besler then threw his support behind former premier Bill Vander Zalm in a passionate crusade against the introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax.

At the PPC party rally Saturday, Besler told The Voice how charged up the people are about the PPC and currently have at least 150 party members and he's confident the numbers will increase over the next year of campaigning.

"What I see when I look at the people around here is that there really is a cross-generational message see can see the PPC message is getting out there," said Besler. "We're excited here today for the Fraser Valley region that we've now completed in 6 weeks, 6 electoral districts for the PPC so that's what this celebration's all about."


The PPC haven't announced a local candidate yet but Besler says voters can look for a formidable opponent to face-off against the current MP Mark Strahl and the Liberal candidate.


When asked if the PPC was more right than the PC Party

"People are tried of this elitist attitude knowing that their voice is not significant or needed. I think people are excited about the message that Maxime Bernier has, the message of freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect and knowing that their voice is not significant or needed." he said.

"Maxime Bernier's message is resonating across the political spectrum because it's a straight forward and concise with a common sense message and a message of substance," said Besler.

When asked if the Progressive Conservatives have stray from their party roots Besler said: "I don't know what they are and I don't think they know what they are."



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