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We're In!



New mayor and council take vows of office



Mayor Ken Popove and Kendal Clarke knock one back to seal the deal in front of the City of Chilliwack flag Tuesday at the Cultch.






t was with much pomp and ceremony for the 2018 Seventh City of Chilliwack council invocation at the Cultural Centre Tuesday when mayor Ken Popove and his team of councillors were led into the Rotary Hall by piper Kendal Clarke in front of around 100 people — a stark difference to the 2014 event where only a dozen people were present at city hall.

The crowd stood from their seats and sang the National Anthem led by singers Avianna, Madalyn and Jack Clempson who later sang God Save the Queen.

To initiate the invocation procedure, Popove and Clarke knocked one back in front of the City flag to cheers from the crowd with salutes from RCMP honour guards constables Stephanie Lillie and Jordan Davidson.


Councillors Susan Attrill, Sebastian "Chris" Kloot. Jason Lum, (Gary "Bud" Mercer absent), Anthony "Harvey" Westeringh and Jeff Shields each rose one at a time, declared their oaths of office and allegiance to the City and to residents before signing the documents making it official and shook Justice Thomas J. Crabtree's hand.

Jason Lum and Judge Crabtree

The incumbents, Kloot, Lum and Attrill echoed each other in expressing their thankfulness for being part of a "great team" and looked forward to the next four years.

Attrill said she was extremely pleased about the plans to develop Five Corners.

Later in the lobby, attendees schmoozed and nibbled on a spread that with included cake courtesy of Safeway.

Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra Trio provided classical music.


Chris Kloot

Councillor-elect Bud Mercer was away in Edmonton meeting Princess Anne, a member of the royal family, joining Lt.-Gov. Lois Mitchell and Mayor Don Iveson at Government House to hand out awards on the Commonwealth walkway for the second time in the history of Alberta. It's likely Mercer will need to be sworn-in at a low-key event at city hall upon his return.


The mayor designated councillors to the following committees:

Affordable Housing and Development Advisory Committee


Jeff Sheilds


Councillor Harv Westeringh (Chair) Councillor Bud Mercer (Vice Chair)

Agricultural and Rural Advisory Committee
Councillor Chris Kloot (Chair) Councillor Harv Westeringh (Vice Chair)

Chilliwack Business Improvement Association (BIA)
Councillor Sue Attrill (Liaison)

Sue Attrill

Chilliwack Arts and Cultural Centre Society Board
Councillor Jeff Shields (Liaison)

Chilliwack Creative Commission
Councillor Jason Lum (Liaison)

Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation
Councillor Jeff Shields (Liaison)

Harvey Westeringh

Chilliwack Healthier Community
Mayor Ken Popove (Chair) Councillor Jason Lum (Alternate)

Chilliwack Public Art Advisory Committee

Councillor Sue Attrill (Chair) Councillor Harv Westeringh (Vice Chair)
Design Review Advisory Committee

Councillor Chris Kloot (Chair) Councillor Bud Mercer (Vice Chair)





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