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  Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 

Lotto News

The Big Trip

The best part of losing is reading about the winners



Bert Bobrowich of Nipigon, Ontario, picked up a cheque for a cool $100k.



is first trip to Ontario's largest city is something Bert Bobrowich of Nipigon, Ont. will never forget. Bert won a top prize with OLG's new THE BIG SPIN INSTANT game. To claim his prize, he travelled to the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto and took a spin on the wheel to win $100,000!

"I've played THE BIG SPIN a number of times since it became available. And I've had some small wins  $10, $20 and even $100," shared Bert. "But this time, it was very different. I scratched my ticket and revealed 'SPIN' and then I watched the screen as the clerk validated the ticket and saw the words 'BIG SPIN'. I knew from reading the back of the ticket that this meant something awesome!

That something awesome meant Bert had to catch a flight to Toronto for his chance to spin THE BIG SPIN Wheel. "I am from a small town near Thunder Bay and have spent much of my life working in small communities. This is my first trip to Toronto and what a way to visit the city!" he smiled.

Bert, a father of two, plans to celebrate his windfall with the people he loves. "I come from a very big family I have seven siblings. I know that my win is happy news for everyone."

Some lifestyle changes are also part of Bert's plans. "I want to get myself a new truck. We've already got snow and a new vehicle would be just the thing to get me around. I'm also excited to do more camping and fishing," he shared.

"Winning the lottery means financial security. Now the pressure to work, work, work is off and instead I can slow down a little and enjoy life more," he concluded.

THE BIG SPIN INSTANT game is an exciting new $5 game that combines popular scratch play with prizes revealed in-store by an animated spinning wheel on the lottery terminal screen and potentially, an in-person spin on THE BIG SPIN Wheel at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.


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