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Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017


Two Arrested at Trudeau Presser in Vancouver

Anti-pipeline activists plan flotilla Saturday

By Haley Zachs, Stand Earth/Handout photos



ust ahead of the arrests of two anti-pipeline youth activists who found themselves being carted away Wednesday after interrupting PM Trudeau's press conference with a statement of their own, is a planned flotilla/blockade Saturday that organizers promise will be the largest "direct action" to date.

Even as the pair were taken into custody, activists were giving legal training to each other as to what the law is in a protest of this nature, and how to prepare equipment and signage for it.

The following statement is what they read at the conference:

ďIím sorry to interrupt, but we just need a moment of your time.

Mr. Prime Minister, we are the youth of today. You were the first Prime Minister we could ever vote for, and I cast my first federal ballot for you, on your promise of change.


You promised climate leadership, but instead forced the Kinder Morgan pipeline approval. You promised reconciliation, but gave us colonization by approving the Kinder Morgan pipeline while First Nations stand in opposition along the route. You stood in Paris and promised to prevent a 2℃ future through strong climate action, but instead gave us tar sands expansion and increased emissions from the dirtiest oil in the world

Mr PM: We are now embarrassed to have used our first ballots on you, you are not acting in Canadaís best interest

Climate leaders donít build pipelines. Reconciliation is not pushing pipelines through Indigenous territory while communities stand in opposition.

We, the youth of today, are scared for our futures, for future children, for future grandchildren. By approving the dangerous Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline, you are locking us into an unlivable climate, a future far beyond the safety of less than 2 degrees of warming.

Weíre asking you Mr. Prime Minister, as the generation inheriting an unlivable climate, to immediately stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline from being built

Government grants permits, communities grant permission. You donít have ours. If you are not brave enough to stand up for climate justice and to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline, my generation, we will. Youth, elders, people of all ages and backgrounds will come together to stop Kinder Morgan, whatever it takes."

Stand.Earth is an environmental organization that challenges corporations and governments to treat people and the environment with respect. Formerly ForestEthics, Stand has helped keep 2 trillion barrels of oil in the ground, placed 6.4 million hectares of forest into ecosystem-based management, and shifted
over $100 billion of corporate purchasing into more sustainable sources.


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