Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017 

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Footprint Magazine No.20 hits the streets

By Voice Staff/Mag cover


f you like the feel of paper in your hands, the fine folks at Footprint Press have released the 20th issue of their collectible environmental magazine featuring in-depth articles and interesting stories available free wherever you're lucky enough to find it. The publication is also available in digital format here.


This month you'll find an article about what hummingbirds. Another writer talks about the two archeologist locations; Hayward Connector site and Xá:ytem, the Hatzic Rock site located at the eastern approach to Mission, behind the other ‘Welcome to Mission’ sign


This month you'll find Native stories and an assortment of great nature items and photos.


About Footprint Press
The Footprint Press is published by the Citizens Against Urban Sprawl Society (CAUSS), as a non-profit community magazine. Articles, artwork and photography, are submitted by local activists, scientists, First Nations and other dedicated people, wishing to share their vision of a more just and informed society, and who seek to live harmoniously with nature in a shared environment. Circulation is 2000+. The paper is also available in digital format at or, contact us via e-mail here. or 604 820 7592.


Donations to help cover our printing costs are appreciated but not solicited. The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the publishers as a whole or individually.

Editors- Tracy Lyster, Catherine McDonald, Joanne Long, Hilde Tonkens.
Nik Cuff- graphic design, Bruce Klassen- photography, covers, Don Mair -visual editor.
& Val Pack, Mike Gildersleeve, Len Gratto, Richard Heyman and Darlo Gong.


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