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The Backbone of Chilliwack

Salvation Army collecting winter clothes equals lower bills

By Brian Coombs. pres. CEPCO


he Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO) has launched a new marketing program to showcase the city of Chilliwack as a great place to live, work and invest.


Built around the tagline, ‘Better for Business, Better for Life’, this community brand is meant to convey a powerful but simple message about Chilliwack. With so many characteristics that can describe Chilliwack, the CEPCO team wanted to capture a strong statement that would reflect the passion that many Chilliwack residents feel about their community.
“We wanted to avoid having a tagline with a narrow description of Chilliwack,” said Brian Coombes, CEPCO President. “Moving forward, our marketing efforts will build on this brand to showcase the many reasons why Chilliwack is better for business and better for life,” added Coombes.

CEPCO has recently launched two new Chilliwack websites to serve as the foundation for their community marketing program. Following the brand theme, both and are now live online. These websites will serve as a comprehensive source of community information for attracting business investment, as well as new residents and workforce for local businesses.

Both websites feature short video testimonials or success stories from local residents. These videos highlight why Chilliwack is a great place for business and life, and bring a personal connection to the new community brand. With more to come, these video testimonials will be an ongoing source of new content for the websites and social media.

“This marketing project has been a collaboration with many different local companies that have provided video, design, and photography services,” said Netty Tam, CEPCO Manager of Business Development. “With their help we have been able to showcase Chilliwack in a memorable and inviting way.”

Finding the best way to deliver a large amount of content, without detracting from the overall site design can be challenging. These new websites have been designed to act as a portal for community information that provide a balance between site content, relevant links, and quality visuals that will help promote Chilliwack.

It would seem that the message of better for business and better for life is already resonating true, with more and more people discovering the quality of life and diverse real estate options available in Chilliwack. This past year has seen significant growth in the community. Housing starts are on track to surpass 900 units in 2017. Building permit values are setting records, with August of this year having the highest total ever for one month at $87.7 million, surpassing the combined total for all of 2013.





The Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation is a proactive, business-oriented organization responsible for the City of Chilliwack’s economic growth and marketing through a made-in-Chilliwack economic strategy. Our mission is to empower the stakeholders and residents of Chilliwack to achieve their own economic growth and community development for the betterment of all the residents and to enhance the quality of life that is unique to Chilliwack.

CEPCO provides site selection resources, demographic and labour force data, community information and orientations, and project development assistance. We also serve as a resource facilitating introductions to the business community and the City of Chilliwack, and provide contacts and information on zoning, building permits, development cost charges, engineering and infrastructure.

Our mandate is to attract and facilitate economic growth. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with confidential and professional investment analysis assistance. We invite you to contact us to learn more about why Chilliwack is better for business and better for life.




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