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Going Green

Government discusses cannabis tax

By Barinder Rasode, NICHE/Voice file photo


oday’s announcement regarding taxation for cannabis sales is a positive step towards the legalization of the industry and we are encouraged that the federal government is releasing their proposal and seeking input before a final framework is established, says Barinder Rasode, CEO of the National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education (NICHE).


“Legalization of cannabis is a complex issue that will require significant government funding and regulation to ensure we achieve the shared goals of developing a globally competitive industry, while safeguarding public health and safety,” says Rasode.


The federal government unveiled further details on their proposal for a new cannabis tax today, with a timeline for consultation with stakeholders including provinces and municipalities.


“We must keep our youth safe, keep our roads safe and reduce the impact of criminal activity. But, these efforts cost money,” says Rasode. “Strong regulations and education programs will require investments from all levels of government. Revenue from a new Cannabis Tax will help governments pay for new programs and services, and we are optimistic all levels of government will work together to create an appropriate framework,” says Rasode.


Rasode adds that collaboration and engagement is critical as the country develops the regulatory framework for legalization, and input from subject matter experts on supply chain, law enforcement, industry development and human resource implications will aid in the safe transition to legal cannabis..


About NICHE Canada

Niche is a not-for-profit corporation established to support the development of public policy and research to assist all levels of government manage the transition to the legalization of the cannabis industry. Working with the academic community, governments, industry partners, health advocates, law enforcement and interested stakeholders, Niche provides a collaborative, transparent, and fact-based forum for public dialogue and discussion across Canada.



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