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Rings and Things

Metal detector club strike gold

By Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters


Marny Zischka (l to r) founder founder Mark Lewis and Dennis Augustynowicz.


ell that was interesting. In case some of you don't know what I am talking about was the Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters Treasure Run in Chilliwack Oct 28th. The weather was spot on, sunny but not too warm.

The Hunt got off to a rather inglorious start, I gave everyone the wrong clue. I didn't have my glasses on and didn't notice that the envelope said "Afternoon".


I apologize to everyone taking part. Once we got that under our belt, we were off and sorta running. Some of our clues seemed to be too tough and stumped some folks who had to call for a hint.


Some folks misread the clue and went off galloping wildly in all directions, but no matter we got back on track. Due to my screw up with the first hint and the distance's that to be travelled, we found we had planned too many hunts. Trimmed them down a bit, went for Lunch at The Greek Islands in Chilliwack, it was wonderful,


I inhaled my Lamb. The afternoon got off to a rousing start, since everyone already had the clue for the first hunt.


The afternoon got off to a rousing start, since everyone already had the clue for the first hunt. In the 2nd Hunt, in the afternoon, I buried the first of 2 cache's. The first cache of the day was found by Dustin Kvammeñ, after 2 other members walked right over it, good on ya Dustin.

The rest of the Afternoon flowed smoothly-ish. I buried the 2nd cache at Bernard St School, I walked back to my van to put the shovel away and then walked back to the hunt area. Lo and behold, 3 kids were digging where I had buried the cache, so I yelled at them to get away in sorta nice language after which I said please.


The day's hunt ended ended at Central Elementary  School in Chilliwack.


Fortunately, the little buggers didn't get anything. I also have to admit, the bag ripped just as I was putting it down and my phone went off at the same time. I managed to get everything looking kinda sort of normal, when Marny McEwan Zischka found it, by the way, Marny was one of the two people who had stepped on the first one, karma I guess.

Third Place went to Cassandra Augustynowicz, she won a Trophy and Mini Gold Coin. Second Place went to Linda Sexsmith, below, she won a Trophy and a Mini Gold Coin.

Everyone was getting tired so I cancelled the last two hunts of the day. Our last Hunt that did take place was at Central Elementary School on Young Rd, if I hadn't been there I would not believe it, Dennis Augustynowicz found THREE rings in almost no time, the last one was a winner but I will let him tell his story. All day people were finding Jewellery, Coins , Dinky Toys that I didn't plant.

Once the last Hunt was under our Belts, we retired to the Clubhouse at our complex to have a bite to eat and also more importantly, to see what we WON!!

First off the 2 Winners of the Lucky Penny Hunts were Mike Wesloski and Stephanie Tottenham, each one received a Roman Coin Courtesy of Bob Hellewell of Bob & Codys Collectibles on Vedder Rd Chilliwack, Thank you Bob and Congratulations to the winners.

Then we had the presentations to the top 3 Hunters of the day, based on time. Initially we were only going have 1 winner but were is the fun in that?

♦ Third Place went to Cassandra Augustynowicz, she won a Trophy and Mini Gold Coin.

♦ Second Place went to Linda Sexsmith, she won a Trophy and a Mini Gold Coin.

♦ First Place went to Dennis Augustynowicz, he won a 1906 Gold British Half Sovereign.

Congratulations to all 3 winners, Dennis was really the GOLDEN BOY of the day with his wins and the jewellery found.


Dennis Augustynowicz (r) won a 1906 Gold British Half Sovereign.

I want to extend a great big THANK YOU, to all the participants and to the Volunteers that helped make yesterday possible. Thank You To my Eldest Daughter Emily and her Fiancée Malcolm for all their help in running half the hunts. Also MaryAnn Nagata, Helen Witt and Ethel Jamieson for helping with the setting up the reception back at the Club House.

First and Foremost I want to Thank Sharon Christie Giguere, without whose help, this event would not look anything like it did, she did all the cards, signs and food trays, I did do the egg salad sandwiches, but the rest was all her.

I chatted with a few people after the day was over about how we could do this again WITHOUT the hiccups, burps and farts, there are some good ideas out there, will need to follow up on them.


For more information about the Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters, visit here.








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