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Politicians exempt from clawbacks, no movement on Veteran/ RCMP Super Annuity issue

John LaBelle, VACC


or a number of years veterans have attempted to convince members of Parliament to take action, in the House of Commons, to terminate the unconstitutional CPP claw back to their earned Super Annuity at age 65, or sooner, if disabled.


The government has in fact broken our enrolment engagement contract without consultation or authorization. This situation is now affecting the welfare of Military/ RCMP veterans and their families.


Why are senators, judge advocates and Members of Parliament exempted the CPP claw back and Military/RCMP Veterans are not? Did they forget about the Sacred Trust obligation to veterans?

Veterans find misleading statements of facts made by former military
officers and other members of Parliament to be appalling. Veterans seek no additional funds from the tax payers.

How can politicians who may work in Ottawa 138 days this year, possess a minimum office staff of 4, find themselves too busy to answer Veterans of Canada's concerns?

Pension Plans
If you take a close look at all pension plans you will notice that they all favour over contributions by the members. The Canadian Forces Superannuation plan reached over 80 billion dollars surplus before the Government depleted almost 20 billion dollars to pay down the National debt. The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) over contributions will reach
$1 trillion surplus by year 2050. How many billion of dollars have been depleted from the unemployment insurance plan?

Veterans march on MP Chuck Strahl's office in 2014.

Election Calls
Often we are bombarded by new election calls or requests for more donations to assist with their election campaign. These same
politicians that now request funds but can't find time to support our pension issue. Have they forgotten that for every dollar we get that 60% of it is given back to the government in one form of tax or another. Members of Parliament have forgotten who votes for them.

Military/RCMP Veterans

Campaign Paper history
On February 21, 2005, encouraged by a number of
veterans and the support of Mr. Peter Stoffer, former MP of Sackville-Eastern Shore our committee has attempted to convince the federal government to amend the CFSA Act and the RCMPSA Act of a miscalculation in justice that affects the financial welfare of Veterans during their golden years.

Campaign Facts
In the 2005 Federal election campaign , Mr. Harper, MP stated: " When a motion passes the democratic elected majority of the House of Commons, The
government shall honour that motion! " On May 5, 2010, for the fourth time, Conservative MP`s were directed to vote against our Bills. However, the Bill C-201 count was successful and the final vote recorded was 149 yeas and 134 nays. The speaker of the House of Commons declared that Bill C-201 was carried, but he then discharged it from the agenda because Prime Minister Harper refused to request a Royal Recommendation and Bill C-201 died on the order table.

The Crux of the Issue
The Government of Canada has broken our enrolment engagement contract without member consultation or authorization. During our enrolment briefing we were promised that we would benefit of a full pension calculated at 2% of our best 6 years for a period of 25 years of service. Toda
y, the maximum contributions to both plans continue to be listed separately on our pay guide, given them a false sense of financial security. Furthermore, the vast majority of serving personnel were not informed of the CPP claw back until they arrived at age 65.

Over contributions
In 1966
, the CPP contributions were 1.8% of basic rate of pay. Today`s members contributions are 4.95% of their basic rate of pay. This over-contributions policy will create a CPP surplus that will reach $1 trillion by year 2050. Take note that our contributions to both plans continue to be listed separately on our pay guide.

In 1965
, the Canadian Forces member's pension contributions was 8.3% and 1% towards our indexing revenues of our basic rate of pay. This excess pension contributions resulted in over $80 billion surplus account.

Veterans are aware that the Government of Canada has depleted their CF Superannuation account by almost 20 billion dollars, 10 billion dollars was used to pay down the National debt.

Take notice that during the 6 and 5 price and wage control years, the Government of Canada took a contributions holiday to our service pension account and never paid it back.

Yet, as of 31 March 2013, the net assets held on behalf of the Canadian Forces Pension
Plan indicated that the Veterans Annuity plan totaled more than $62 billion. It clearly indicate that Veterans have over contributed and are not receiving what they have paid for.

Politicians misleading of facts
The phrase "Bridge Benefits " is a misrepresentation of facts! It is not listed in the Pension Act and/or the Base Financial Counsellor`s manual (A-FN-109-001/ID-001) The bridge benefit term is a myth that was never used prior to the establishment of our

Veterans are receiving the
benefits for which they have paid for with misleading statements without foundation.

Over the years
, a number of Conservative MP's have mislead veterans with regards to the amount of funds required to solve the CPP claw back issue. They stated that $7, $7.2, and $7.4 billion would be required to resolve our issue, when it only cost 2.3 billion dollars to pay all pensioners, including widows and children.

Veterans sing the National Anthem outside Chuck Strahl's Office on Vedder Rd.

This worthwhile initiative continue
s to grow! Over 112,500 military, RCMP/veterans have pronounced their support of the issue. To date, 121 former Colonels and Generals have signed our veterans petition. It included the signature of 54 former officers of the rank of General and or former RCMP Superintendents.

The Dominion Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, the Army, Navy and Air Forces Veterans (ANAVETS) of Canada and the AIR Force Association in Canada have adopted
a resolution at their Annual General meetings in 2006 in full support of our campaign. Support has also been received from Mrs. Lilian Morgenthau, founder and President of CARP (Canada's Association for the 50 plus.) RCMP Deputy Commissioner Larry R. Proke, Mr. Bill Gildley, Executive Director, RCMP Veterans and Mr. Alex Geddes National Secretary, RCMP/Veterans Association have unanimously supported our issue. Numerous other Military Associations have also declared their support.

On May 6, 2008 Mr. Jack Frost, Dominion Command President of the Royal Canadian Legion, sent a letter to the Minister of National Defence with copies to the Prime
Minister of Canada and the Minister of Veterans Affairs expressing his grave concerns regarding the issue of fairness pertaining to the CPP reduction to the CFSA.

In 2011, the Yukon and the Nova Scotia Provincial standing committees on Veterans Affairs
, unanimously passed motions in support of the Military/RCMP Veterans Annuity issue.

Over the years elected
politicians that were suppose to stand up and support the veterans in their constituency forgot about them once elected. Unfortunately, we have witnessed puppet politicians who were directed to support the dictatorship of their party leader.


When will we be able to elect Members of Parliament that will be able to stand up and assist our veterans and theirfamilies? Military/RCMP Veterans and their Families have given their all towards the Protection and Security of Canada. Their spouses have faced the loss of their income/employment opportunities as a result of numerous operational moves, leading to the loss of their Spousal CPP benefits.


Our spouses often face extended family separations with elevated level of stress while maintaining a family on their own. The military spouses were often unavailable to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and many other family gatherings. Veterans often faced danger 24/7 and 16 hour days without overtime compensation.


Veterans often faced dangerous conditions, health hazards and they were committed to an unlimited liability. Where are the leaders that will remember the sacrifices that all military/RCMP veterans and their families have provided to the security of Canada? Where are the Leaders that will remember our Veterans and their families not just during the Remembrance Day photo ops week, but throughout the year? Why must veterans look for law firms to fight the same government they were prepared to provide the ultimate sacrifice for.

" Honour, Dignity, Justice, Equality! "


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