Saturday, May 13, 2017 



Sold Down the River 

What the City of Chilliwack and Molson didn't tell us

Staff/Voice file photo


Vedder River 2011.


ast month, the City of Chilliwack cut the ribbon on the biggest mistake this city has ever made the Molson beer factory.


According to reports, beer is 95 per cent water.


What Molson didn't tell us is that it takes 4 barrels of water to produce 1 barrel (35 gallons) of beer. Then there's vat washing and hop watering.


Should Molson take its 100 jobs and be run out of town before it takes trillions of barrels of sweet water from the Chilliwack aquifer to satiate the thirst of Vancouver drunkards?


There's a few reasons why Molson came to Chilliwack: land prices, water prices, recycling and conservation costs, highway access. Molson hasn't even mentioned conservation and recycling of water, gray water.


As we know, clean water is scarce. Ask California... then ask Chilliwack City Hall staff and council.


We don't own the land, First Nations included. We're just stewards. The future owns the land.




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