Feature Story                                                                    Friday, May 19, 2017


Splashing Some Ink

Scarecrow's 10th Anniversary

Staff/Voice photos


The Lounge Hounds bangin' it May 13. Below, Mountainview Hog and Jesse Longbear, shop manager (website photo).


he Saturday starts out early like any other at Scarecrow Ink. But today is different. It’s the 10th anniversary of the popular tattoo parlour on Yale Rd. Inside, chairs are lined up like a unisex salon chock with grinning men and women. Only they’re not getting haircuts or nails done. They’re getting inked.


"We're busy and will be open 'till 10," said John Longbear, the man, the piercer.


Lounge Hounds bangin' out tunes to get by. Sick rides out from Mountainview Harley Davidson to drool over. Guerilla Q blowin' up a storm.


Scarecrow artists unleash their talents with sculptor’s hands. Hovering over customers with tools buzzing like the sound of a giant beehive.


Placid clients sit frozen like rocks as if gazing at Medusa. One by one they’re adorned with tribal mosaics giving their pronounced art, from skulls to butterflies, spectres of immortality. Light your power and end me already as they patiently wait to flash it.



It’s done with extreme care. Adroit virtuoso’s painstaking working over every millimeter of skin. People bonded forever with their Picasso. Maybe pair up a camel's ass with a squeeze. No fixes needed.


Gimme some candy. Piercings are a breeze. Clients laugh off the pain. No guts, no glory. Afterward, they mix in some ice, rye and then dry.


Proceeds off to Ruth and Naomi’s.


And in the end, everybody's happy.



Scarecrow Ink

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That's all folks.